Powerfuel    is a fuel booking and delivery mobile application that can protect you against pump price hikes.       Powerfuel    allows you to buy the fuel in advance via the app and store it in a “virtual tank.” You can then choose to redeem your purchased fuel anytime, and it can be delivered anywhere,  especially when the prices have gone up.


Virtual Fuel Stock Market & Fuel Delivery

We at Powerfuel, are working on the following problems we face in our day-to-day activities.

Wastage of fuel
Increased CO2 emission
Wastage of time / money
Fuel price hike

We Serve

Enterprise to Small businesses

Deliver gasoline, diesel, and renewable energy to keep your fleet moving. 

Retail Businesses

Provide your guests with the energy their busy day requires.

Corporate Offices and Campuses

Increase employee loyalty and help your company reach its sustainability goals.